Green Ooze

Ive had this bike for a couple weeks now and notice that after every ride when i park it in the garage some green colored foamy ooze leaks out of this tube. I dont exactly know what it is and was hoping if anybody could tell me. Thanks



I believe that's the crank case breather tube. It comes from the valve cover. Looks like milky oil possibly. Check your oil level, color and your coolant level.

I just bought this bike and i just replaced the oil with yamalube 20-50. but i havnt checked or replaced the collant. That will be on my list to do then

That tube should not drip anything but oil. it looks like you have coolant in your oil. I would drop the oil and see if it is milky or otherwise discolored. If it is, you likely have a head gasket leak. Also, when you refill it, i would suggest using a lighter oil, such as Yamalube 10-50. The 20 weight you are using is pretty thick, especially for the cold climate.

If you ride when it is wet then thus will happen. It's no big deal. If your coolant level isn't dropping that is...

alright i will flush the coolant and refill with lighter oil and see if that works

after i changed the oil i did notice that it was considerably less than before so maybe going lighter will get rid of it

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