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Chipped piston / severe oil leak from exhaust flange.

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Hi guys,

Gave my bike a clean today just to find out where oil is leaking from after cleaning I started her up and straight away oil starting dripping down from the exhaust port also noticed air/smoke escaping from the flange meaning the exhaust is not sealing to the flange,

So I pulled her apart again tightened all the bolts as I was doing this I peaked inside the cylinder and noticed a chip on top of the piston (see pictures).

Also bike won't hold idle very long maybe 30secs and sounds like it's running with a miss once moving runs great though no loss of power just slightly sluggish down low.

I'm sure these two problems (oil leak/chipped piston) are probably not related I'm just after any advice on what to do Thanks.



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Ok thanks mate.

Will definatly be doing a rebuild and the silicon sounds like a good idea.

After starting it up earlier I noticed a loud mettalic tapping sound consistent with the piston cycle coming from the right hand side just behind the expansion chamber it is loud on idle and go's away when under throttle pulling the clutch doesent make a difference and the noise wasent there untill today do you have any idea what this could be ? Powervalve?

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Yeah I think your right I have sourced a kit here in Aus.

After inspecting further the piston is scared beyond belief the build up of carbon on the crown is nearly 2mm thick 80 percent of horizontal machine marks are scrubbed off and there's a deep scratch/dent on the exhaust side of the skirt on a 40 degree angle which makes me think it may of been dropped before being reassembled.

I'm pulling the head off tonight to check bore and check for play in the bottom end.

I'm searching high and low for a service manual for this bloody thing with no luck at all if anyone can help with this at all that'd be greatly appreciated can't really be putting the new kit in without checking tolerances with the pv and bore ect,


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So got the head off, the bore looks good no scaring.

Piston isent as bad as it looked in pics but still knackered plenty of blow by and a few chips scars etc,

There was no up/down play with the rod just a little side to side which I still have to measure.

The power valve has a fair bit of side to side movement maybe 1mm each side just wondering if this could be the culprit behind the annoying rattle at idel?.(see vid)

What I need to ask is what is the chance of bending a rod from taping out the wrist pin with a socket and mullet it was stuck fairly good and needed a few taps to get it out I forgot to hold the rod as I had the socket and extension in one hand and mullet in the other they weren't hard hits probably as hard as you'd tap a nail into a stud on the wall.

https://www.youtube.com/results?search_... lve+rattle

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