carb leaking gas

my bike has been overheating so I was gonna take the right side crank case off to  look at the water pump. I drained my coolant, but didn't want to bother with the oil cause it wasn't milky at all. I tipped the bike on it's left side and the carb started leaking gas out of the tube on the bottom, but when I stand it back up the leak stops. Is there something wrong, or is this normal. Any response is much appreciated.

Normal. I do this intentionally every time I cold start it.

Normal.  Fuel flow into the carb is controlled by a hinged float that closes a valve when the carb is full.  It can't work when it's tipped sideways more than about 45 degrees to relative gravity, so the valve stays open.  Shut off the gas at the tank and lay it over.  It will still leak the contents of the float bowl, about 2-3 ounces, but no more than that.

thanks for the quick responses

Normal. I do this intentionally every time I cold start it.


It's just part of my ritual to make it start easier when cold. Lean it over until the fuel overflows, pull choke, two quick blips of the throttle, find tdc, and kick it over.

That doesn't accomplish anything more than twisting the throttle 2-4 times wouldn't.  That's a trick used to prime engines with carbs that have no flood button ("tickler", for you really old guys) and no accelerator pump. 

Hey, don't mess with my mojo, Gray!

Moto Mojo? Be careful with that stuff.

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