When you drain the oil from the frame , how much oil stays in the crank case????

If the motor has been run recently then there typically isn't much in the crank case at all. I don't have a measurement, but it seems to be a fraction of what is in the frame.

Yamie; this is a dry sump engine which means that the oil reservoir is the frame tank. If you look at the line from the bottom of the frame tank and follow it to where it enters the crankcase, you can see that the oil is then picked up by the primary pump and fed thru the filter on to the crankshaft bearings and cylinder head where it gravity/overflows to the secondary pump on the left side and then back to the frame tank. Once then engine is shutdown, the bulk of the oil remains in the frame tank. I've never measured how much oil drains from the crankcase, but I would estimate it at ~3 ounces. It's not much at all.

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