WR450F Torque Limiter Starter Clutch Damper Assy

Okay, need some help here. I have a 2004 WR450F and changed the left side cover and upgraded to 2005 starting system, changing the one way clutch, torque limiter etc. My problem is I purchased a new Yamaha 5TJ-15560-01-00 assy and the problem I have now is a really bad noise when using the electric starter. It will start the machine once in a while but the torque limiter will slip and not start the machine. Is there a way to tighten up the torque limiter? I am afraid to take this thing apart. And yes I did ask Yamaha for warranty and no luck. I guess they think there parts are all perfect.

I also just fixed the right side of my 04 machine by upgrading the inner case off a YFZ450, and replaced the kicker boss from a 2005 to my kicker, and upgraded the kicker assy, due to Yamaha had problems with a smaller kick shaft and when I tried to kick start my machine, the shaft broke in half.

But I need your guys help on this TORQUE limiter. Thank you.

You don't have a 2004 WR450 if you had to do all of that...  


the 2003 is the only one that needed those changes to the starter system and is

the only one with the smaller kickstarter shaft.

For your question about starting the bike, what is slipping is the starter clutch not the

torque limiter and no, there is no way to adjust or fix it.   You need to replace it with a

new one.

I have replaced the sprag and flywheel, added a new cover and installed the torque limiter. Yes it is the torque limiter making the noise. Using the electric starter it will turn over the crank but while on compression stroke, it will not keep going, the torque limiter making a slipping noise loud. So this is why I tried to start kicking it and broke the kicker shaft assy. So now that the kicker shaft is fixed. I was trying to fix the electric starting part. Paid 150.00 for the torque limiter and Yamaha will not warranty it. I really don't want to purchase another one and have it do it again. So that's why I was wondering if there is a adjustment on this so make it tighter. It has a new piston and jug kit, so the compression is higher than a wore out machine. Maybe the increased pressure is causing this.

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