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Cylinder stud hole stripped

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Hey guys I seen a few other topics but none I could find had my question in it. Anyway, I picked up a new project, it's a 2007 rm85 and well I got it almost back together except top end.

On one of the cylinder stud holes the threads are gone, and I would like to put a helicoil or timesert in it. I want to try to do it myself even though I've never done that before. Anyways here's my question, what size of heli coil or time sert is needed to do this?

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You will need a helicoil kit to repair an M8 x 1.25 thread.

8 refers to the stud diameter, and 1.25 refers to the thread pitch. 1.25 is the standard thread pitch for M8.


For reference:

M8 x 1.00 is fine thread

M8 x 1.25 is standard thread

M8 x 1.50 is course thread.


Also the thread pitch varies on different stud diameters, eg M6 x 1.00 and M10 x 1.50 are considered standard thread pitches for those diameters.

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