Stupid Pipe Question

I know the user name is misleading but I just picked up a WR426. I had the throttle stop cut down, put some tapers on it, and yanked the baffle out.

My question: Does the stock silencer have a spark arrester? I don't feel like having to buy a new one. I like the DB level of the stock one and fine with the deluxe power. I live in Colorado and have to have a spark arrester in the woods.

If you bought a WR426 in colorado yes it does have a spark arrestor. So where in colorado do you live?


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I live in Denver. I just got off the phone with Excel Yamaha. They said that the screen in the pipe will serve as a spark arrester. Cool. The guy said that if someone give me trouble about it just to say I didn't know. I kinda want to know. I know that the screen is still in the silencer. Anyway. I like the DB and the bike hauls ass stock if you deal with the throttle stop and and take out the baffle.


01' XR400R

01' WR426R

I bought the bike in New Mexico. I paid almost a thousand less for it down there. Popular bike up here. Everybody buys YZs down there.

So when do you want to go ride?

You live in Denver? When this weather clears up I'm heading to a track ASAP. Berthoud or Lakewood. I just sold my XR to a friend so I have to get him out there and see if he know what the hell he's doing.


01' XR400R

01' WR426R

I live up in Louisville, but me and my roommate are getting a house in Arvada in the next month or so. But yeah Im up for soem riding when the weather does clear up. But Ill warn you Im far from good, haha. I choose to learn to ride a bike and the one I chose is a 2001 Wr426, but what the hell Ill die trying.

Do you think you guys can make Rampart next weekend? Should be ridable again by then. By the way, I am in Parker. Don't be so hard on yourself Marty, it will come. I still give you props for learning on a 426.

Hey dougie, nexy week hummm let me check my planner, oh sorry looks like im all booked untill november, wait this isint my planned, wait I dont own a planner, in fact this isint even my house, errr. Yeah Ill go to Rampart next weekend. XR4hun you should come, and bring your buddy that you sold the red bike to. And from what your sayin he soudns about as sound as I don on a bike. Lets go ride fellas.


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