YZ426F vs X440

I am looking at prchasing one of these two bikes. What I am looking for is a comparison between the two bikes. I want the nitty gritty stuff. I think my mind is set on the X440 but i wanted to hear what the Yamaha guys had to say as well. Feel free to email me or whatever. Hope to get some good info!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wouldn't count on an objective opinion.

What is an X440? Is that a Cannondale?


That is correct, what do you guys think of your 426's?? I really cannot find any info on how they ride and what they feel like on the track?


I've owned and ridden alot of bikes - all I can say is that my YZ426 is by far my favorite. I don't know what more to say. As far as the Cannondale goes - I've only seen 1 ever. It was an MX400 - that thing truly was a POS - I fealt sorry for the owner. I'd like to see Cannondale do well. The new ones seem to be OK so far - every one on the Cannondale board seems happy.



I would like to see Cannondale do good also, and I hate to say it but Robby Reynard wasted all three of his Cannondales at the 4-stroke national in Floresville, TX in October. He was faster than anyone there, but that's the talant, not the bike. I wouldn't touch one if I were you. YZFs are proven and reliable.

unless your one of those guys who has to be different,go with a yamaha.i cannot see any upside with the cannondale the down side however could be really bad .bottom line is if like to ride, get a yamaha if you like to work on bikes get a cannondale


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