about to set a yz450f on fire

bike is leaking coolent from the little hole under the water pump 

water pump has had a new shaft plus seals and rubber put in it yet it still leaks what else could be causing this problem?

Are we talking about the drain plug?

The hole is there to allow usually a very small amount of coolant too leak out that makes its way past the seal (few drops a year). If coolant is leaking out of that hole it means your seal is junk, even if its new you did a half ass job, make sure ALL OF THE OLD SEAL/GASKET is off before installing the new one. Use razor blades to scrape it off and then use contact cleaner and a scotch brite pad. And make sure the new gasket is centered correctly and aligned.

What year is it?  Did you orient the seals correctly?



I had an 06 crf with the same problem. I must have changed the seal 5 times along with bearings shaft and nothing worked. Turns out that it was the counter balancing shaft that was messed up, which in turn caused the impeller shaft to have play. I'd pull out the counter balancing shaft and see how that looks. Good luck man hope that works, I know how frustrating it was for me!

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