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CRF250L style sub-frame, are there any mods or products?

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Hi guys and gals, 


I have a broken CRF230L frame and a seto of CR250 99 forks with clamps and a wheel. It seems getting a new 230L frame is pointless as they retail for $500 on eBay and I am currently living in Asia meaning I can only get it via eBay. 

I have been checking the listings and other forums and found a heap of frames for CRF450 and including the subframe, rear shock, swing arm, gas tank, seat and plastics would put me in around $600 range.

The Crf230L has a shorter shock than 230Fs and the only frame that would fit would be one of the XR200s but still require a swingarm and/or much fabrications.


I am looking into the different frame types and subframes and would like to find a solution that would allow me to make road trips with my gf - she's fine with whatever we ride even if it's not the most comfortable ride - so I was thinking of getting something like a 450X and put my 230 engine in it for a while until I afford to get a450 proper power plant. 


Any suggestions for subframe mods to make it useful as the CRF250 one? 


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