Spring Help!!! (Wide Load!)

Can someone help locate a company/website with heavy duty springs for my BRP??? I'm thinking a 12.5kg or 13.0kg spring.



Thanks for the web-site. It appears they only have them up to 12.0. Nice website.


Find a spring maker, I had my rear modified and new front springs made for a fraction of the cost of motorcycle "brand" name springs. A good spring making company should be able to make you some heavy duty units. :)

I'm 295 lbs and I'm running Eibach 11.0 kg/mm & 0.45 kg/mm. It's as close to perfect as I could expect. I went to ESP (see below), and this is what they recommended.

Exceptional Suspension Products Inc.

6642 Foothill Blvd

Tujunga, CA 91042

(818) 951-9144

This is the same as my setup, except i had half a coil removed from the rear spring to achieve 11kg/mm. Works well, I also revalved my front compression stack. They are overdamped stock and removing 4 of the 12 shims has made a world of difference.

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