picked this new 14 up yesterday

paid $ 6297 otd including tax plus we get 500 back from Blu Crue sweet deal if you ask me. They have more 14's for that price if anyone is interested. Fun Mart Cycle Center in Moline

14 450.jpg

Did you put the black wheels on or came with them? That was otd price?

The black wheels come with the white one. I figure it's cheaper to change plastic than wheels haha . Yes otd tax and title included plus with 500 back Blu Crue it's like paying 5800

Holy crap that's a good price. Did they give you a price on a 15

I think the 15s were like 8300 +tax so not worth it to me

That's a siic price. I love the Canadian color yzs.

Yamaha hit a home run with blu cru and helping riders get a muuuuch better price. Your otd is darn good!

That is a great price. My dealer had 450s at the same price (which was actually cheaper than the 250!). I really thought about it but then stuck with the 250. Either way, congrats.

Picked up my 14 yz 450 f two weeks ago at Lafayette powersports in Indiana. Same otd . Digging the heck outta it

Holy crap that's a good price. I just picked up the same bike , same color for my son. I was so happy with the price now I feel kinda screwed..... What is your tax rate?

I think our sales tax is 6.5 %

Sweet deal

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