my first wr450f / dirt bike / real supermoto

Just read through the FAQ and thought I'd check in and say hi.


I've had a few 600cc sport bikes and currently still have a ZR-7 and ninja 250. I did own a drz400sm for about a year as well, but this bike is a totally different ride.

Previous didn't know much about the bike, he only had it for a year or ss and wasn't the one that did the conversion. Only put about 50 miles on it hinself, said it was to much bike for the street for him.

Pretty standard conversion as far as I can tell. Excel wheels, talon hubs, and oversized brake rotor.

Starts cold first or second kick. E start doesn't work. Makes noise but doesn't turn engine over.

Rides OK. Big midrange hesitation / bog in first. Not sure what's causing it. Tps sensor was already unplugged but I'm not sure what else has been done.

Read the FAQ's

All bog can be eliminated if you update the carb to 2008 Honda specs ($26) and properly uncork and jet it.

TPS is unplugged because WR's have a known ignition module defect at partial throttle: you experiece 'map jumping' which gives you a mild studder at partial throttle.

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