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can i put a key on my bike?

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hi i was wondering that instead of a killswitch, could i have a key so that no body steels my bike? its an 03 ttr 125l. if possible please help me find one i could put on my bike/

Or I could rip the wires out of the ignition and connect them so the bike will start.

It's possible but not going to do much, keeping the spark plug out of the bike will do better for anti-theft than a key

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There's no plug on the harness to add another switch.


Plus, all a thief would need to do is cut the 2 wires going to the switch.


Plus, kill switches are nice.  Sooner or later the bike will fall on you with the engine running...that's why the button is there in the first place.


I'd get a chain or cable and lock the bike through the front down tube.

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