Don't need a stink'in decompression lever

Out with Boyd for my first ride with my auto decompression cam and, as fate would have it, had a little get off on some whoops. Only thing broken (except my pride and a major bruise to my thigh) was my visor and the decompression lever. :D Didn't need it anyway. Guess I'll put in the plug I got from Vibeguy.

Bike ran great and the day was cold but beautiful otherwise. :)

Here's a pic of Boyd from today.



Cool day in the beautiful desert! :) Now you have to remove the cable and plug the decomp port. :D

That looks like some GREAT riding down there. :)

John,you're making us snowbound guys in the midwest jealous!Looks like beautiful scenery.Vibeguy plug is the way to go! :)

Cool running, glad we got the blue beast tamed for the day! Get that leg better and we will do it again and again and again! :) Boyd

Okay, Vibeguy plug is in. :D

No snow here and 48 degrees. Too bad my leg is out of commission. :)


Plug looks clean! :) Get better, my back is hurting :D. I must have done a little too much too :D. I'll call ya :D,Boyd

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