Regina chains

Has anyone tried a regina chain? If this sidewinder thing doesn't pan out I want to get the best non-oring chain I can find and I've heard very mixed reviews about Regina. A few said they're great, many (a shocking majority) in the news groups tell me they break easily and often. Anyone ever try one?

i run a regina o-ring on my 426, never needs adjusting...i tried the non o-ring on my sons bike, it didnt hold up to i use RK chains on his bike with good luck

I need a new chain,

I'm going to try the renthal x-ring

from what I hear its the longest lasting and has less resistance than an o-ring.

Only downside is price its not cheep.

I tried a Regina and it snapped on me in the whoops and cost me the O/A at an AZOTMX International. That will be the last one. I have always used DID ERT's and never had a problem. They last about a season, I'm not into the O-Ring or X-Ring chains. For Off-Road they are fine but not for moto.

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I’ve been using them for a few years now with no problems. I can’t remember the model number but I always get the most expensive o-ring they make. I believe this actually turns out to be the cheaper route in the long run since it seems to me that a worn out chain is the quickest way to end up with hooked sprockets (which conversely result in worn out chains w/ damaged pins). So I like to replace the chain and sprockets as a set, if at all possible, and I bet I have at least forty hours on my last set (Renthal sprockets and Regina gold o-ring) and it looks to be about 70% by my standards. The links articulate smoothly, it doesn’t have a lot of side to side play, you can’t pull it off the back of the rear sprocket, and the sprocket teeth are not appreciably hooked or thin.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that nothing can break a chain quicker than a really hooked sprocket. Makes sense if you’ve seen how thin the teeth can get, placing a lot of stress on a small area of the pins and rollers. After that happened to me (with a new chain) I started replacing that stuff a little sooner. Point being if a chain breaks it may not be the chains fault, it could be the sprockets and of course improper (read: too tight) adjustment.

My only complaint with the DID o-ring chain is the &%$#@ master link is too &%$#@ hard to get on and off. That is why I switched to Regina. Not that I’ve ever had any problems, but their chains last so damn long I try to replace the master link about halfway through, especially if the lock plate is getting worn thin.

If you are worried about a bunch of random internet testimony and can deal with that pesky DID master link then get that one. The few DIDs I tried lasted a long time and I have no other complaints.

I have run a regina for along time. I think they are the best chain made. For the guy that broke his non-oring chain. That was more than likely his own faught. I tightened my chain too tight one time and instead of braking the chain, I broke my rear hub. So, believe me, regina O-ring chains are very strong and you will not break it. Just remember, if your running any o-ring chain, dont tighten it too tight, or you will pay for it with a new hub. Just my thoughts.

Thanks to everyone for your feedback. I see from here and from the newsgroups that there is feedback all across the board. Some people swear that they last forever, and a frightning number of people say that they have broken at least one new or near-new Regina chain; too many reports for me to think that it's an isolated incident. I think I will go with another brand just based on the breakage issue. Now to decide which one will last longest... where is consumer reports when you need it! ;P

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