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TM 250 MX

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Looking at a 2010 250MX two stroke model.


Anyone want to talk me out of it?


We have great parts support locally, and things are actually well priced, so that side of things is a non issue, so is there anything else I should be wary of or take into consideration before buying a TM apart from spending hours in the garage wiping drool off the bike? 

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Do it... Love it... Have satisfaction that you don't have a "herd" mentality.


In all seriousness I have yet to come across a person that owned a TM and regretted it.  While some may like one bike over another you won't go wrong with  a TM.  


The only ones that talk smack about them and parts availability are the ones who never owned one but love to chime in so they can justify their own "herd" mentality.

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