Lowering for a 426?

I bought a 5/8" gel pad on eBay for $40, a $12 electric knife from Walmart, a wood planer for $4 at Home Depot and started chopping my seat down a couple days ago.

Need to get more staples, but it came out great so far. Cushy and a good 2" drop and surprisingly looks great.

Please share some tips, love to know more.

Just finished stapling the factory cover on this morning.

Best tip I have is use a good staple gun. Probably air powered.

I used an Arrow Powershot (standard hand staple gun from Lowes or Home Depot) and it's not powerful enough to push the staples in very far. Had to go back with a hammer and punch.

It looks like dog crap on the bottom!! I mean ugly! Top looks great though! Couple tiny seam lines from the gel pad starting and stopping but even still the top looks great!

I'll test fit tonight.

We need pics!

They do seats. Local to me. Actually went to grade school with the son. Good people, excellent work.

Whom are you referring? I want to try but easier to send it out if cheap enough to someone who knows what they are doing with the right material.

Thanks for sharing! This is helpful all around. Cheaper way to go than suspension.

I haven't rode with the new seat setup yet, but just sitting on it, it's a little lower and the gel seems to snuggle my ass nicely :-)

I can't stress having a good staple gun enough though. Mine will come undone eventually I know. Most staples didn't go in very good and tried using a punch to tap further but most just bent over. And I bet I pulled at least 100 staples out that didn't make the cut.

When it comes undone I'll buy a staple gun that hooks up to my compressor.

I wouldn't mind seeing after pics.


Did you just ust use the gel pad in the seating area and/or shave some of the cushion then install the gel pad on top?

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ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1419126296.564318.jpg

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1419126317.438279.jpg


ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1419126355.825497.jpg


ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1419126337.131988.jpg

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The gel pad is under the seat cover. I shaved down foam almost to the pan in some parts and added the gel pad, but made clean "block" cuts at the top end and bottom end of the gel pad, so it would have as much as a seamless transition from gel pad to foam as possible. You can sort of see the lines but its really not bad at all. 

I'm pretty sure the 400 and 426 seat are the same. I can't speak for lowering, but the GUTS Racing medium tall seat made riding a MUCH more bearable experience for my bony butt.

Rah, looks really good! I am really impressed, let me know when you want to do mine. LOL


Can you notice the difference in stability lowering the seat?

I haven't had a chance to ride with it yet. I have a buddy who wants me to do his YZ and WR too.

But if I ever do another I'll have to get an air powered staple gun. My hand staple gun really sucked!

It's not perfect by any stretch, but looks okay.

I'm curious how it'll hold up after some seat time.

Ya, if you ever want to get closer to owning a air-powered staple gun, maybe you could do mine too. Since you got the tools and technique. Yours looks perfect(I am not going to judge on stapling) and looks functional.

I'll get some seat time and see how it holds up.

Thanks for the positive feedback!

If it seems okay I might look into a good staple gun and see about doing some others :-)

I'll get some seat time and see how it holds up.

Thanks for the positive feedback!

If it seems okay I might look into a good staple gun and see about doing some others :-)

Harbor freight has air staplers that do the job.

^^ thanks! $22

I had no idea they were that cheap. Found one at Lowes for $30.

I might go get it and redo my shitty staple job.

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