I'm looking to put some braces on the radiators of my 14 y450. I'm looking at either the work connections guards or the Enduro engineering guards. I'm only riding at the track and I don't care much about the devol or flatland ones.

Out of those 2 (wc and ee), which ones would you recommend?


Get a the Works Connection ones. Hands down the best. I have a set on my 14 Yami 450. The look clean too.

You should check out Unabiker if you haven't already.

On the scooter.


You should check out Unabiker if you haven't already.

I second this even though they're not on the OP's list.

Works Connection don't do much to protect against side impact (tip over). They (may) help against being pushed back. I had a set on my 2010. I high sided once and they didn't prevent radiator damage. I recommend cage type guards that offer side impact protection. I have Emperor Racing guards on my 2014 and they seem stout. Only complaint is they do move the shrouds out a little bit. I have the Cycra shrouds so with he guards it is about as wide as stock.

You should check out Unabiker if you haven't already.


I agree with trying Unabiker!

Get cages, the WC braces mights as well be soda cans duct taped to your radiators.


I got a set of Myler's braced radiators I'm going to put on tonight and probably crash test them in Texas next week. :lol:

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