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2004 TTR 125 "Issues Again"

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Ok so long story short , I got this Bike off a guy that said it would only run with the Choke on & i bought it because i new what the issue was, Now i just went through the whole bike Cleaned the Carb, Re Jetted , O-rings Ect...this was about 3 months ago & i put the Carb on the bike & Bam it fired right up with a bump of the Electric Start, Idled Great Actually Perfect but i realized gas was coming out the Overflow so i replaced the Needle Jet ...It was the only thing i didn't replace before, It was getting to be winter so i put the carb on the bike & turned the Gas on & the Gas issue was fixed, I never started the bike


Now i go out today to start the bike & it would not start unless Choke was on or a Little gas was given with the choke off, I let the bike warm up with the choke on for about 5 min or more put the choke down bike will not idle, Messed around a little & still won't idle unless chokes on, So i took the Carb off Everything is clean & nothing gummed up or anything & the jets are fine also....Put it back on the Bike same thing fires right up with chocke on & will idle with choke on but as soon as i drop the choke it dies


One thing i am noticing is that no matter what i do with the Idle Screw it seems to do absolutly nothing at all which seems odd to me ?


I just don't understand how the bike ran great & all i did was put a new needle Jet in to stop the gas overflow & put it back on the bike thats it ?


I have the 17.5 & 110 Main/1.5 Turns out or a little more on the Fuel Screw & 2 Turns out on the Idle Screw , I have also tried hold the Throttle on a little while adjusting the Idle screw but like i said it's like no matter how far in i go or out it seems to not be doing anything at all....


Bad or old gas wouldn't cause this right ? The gas in it has only been in there for 3 months with Fuel Stabilizer Added before hand


I have worked on bikes all my life & Carbs are nothing new to me but i am baffled here


Any Help would be Appreciated...Thanks

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I love a good carb challange


first off ,, you said you changed the needle jet to stop the overflow leak,,, that would be called a fuel stop valve, just to clear that up.


now you say that the idle screw dosnt do any thing ,,,are you talking about the idle air/fuel mixture? the one on the bottom

or the Idle screw on the side? the one that raises the slide


any way ,,, heres my 2 cents

process of elimination,,,,,

the choke works ,, cause thats whats keeping it running at this time

remember if the choke is on all other adjustments will not be noticable cause its super rich on fuel.

the choke has to be off to adjust things

if the engine wont idle ,, the problem lies in the idle circuit, if it idles but dont rev up then the problem is in the main jet

if the "air/fuel mixture screw doesnt change things then its pluged up, or the idle is too high. remove the screw and make sure its clear and has its tiny oring

check your idle jet again for debries us spray carb cleaner to blast every hole, make sure it blows through

check the float just for kicks


number 1 rule always,always drain the carb if the bike is to set for more that a week, theses tiny carbs will plug up qwiker that $hit..


I have an 04 and a stock carb, it has two adjustments the air/fuel screw (bottom) and the idle screw on the side to raise the slide (idle)

I used to have the same issues that would come and go


clean the F out of it ,, I used a dremel with a tiny wire brush to polish the inside of the bowl top and bottom, new jets and a thourogh dueshing

and blow out passages, F'n stick fine wires through the passages


make sure to tightn the clamp on the intake manifold

let us know what you find


oh, I dont know about fuel stablizers, but I do know that plastic tanks are not good for long term storage

it dont take but a month or two to have gas turn sour, then you get varnish

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Yes i am talking about the Air Mixture Screw on the Side of the Carb & the Carb is fully Clean Basicly Brand new with every Changeable Part on it new believe me its clean & i have never even taking the bike for a Ride, It was warmer out yesterday & i was bored so i figured i would just start it up


One thing i did notice is that the Gas seems sour, Dark Yellow in Color but when i pulled the Carb it was like i just put it on Clean as can be nothing clogged Ect... I will tear it completely down once more & Blow all the Passages out again with air


Now on the Intake side of the Carb there are 2 Brass screws that go in the Side & they kind of look like Jets i have not taken those out, Do i need to ? & is there a setting for those or do i just screw them all the way in ?


I do have a feeling that the Gas has caused an issue somewhere because when i cleaned the Carb & put it on the Bike right before winter & i said it was leaking gas when i fixed that & put it back on the Bike i put some gas in the Tank & turned it on just to see if it was leaking & it wasn't ...I never started the Bike so the gas would of sat in the Carb, Don't know what i was thinking as i usually do drain the bowl Ect...But prior to fixing the Gas overflow issue this bike fired up No Choke first bump on the Starter after sitting a Month & ran & idled smooth so something is def wrong

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those brass screws your seeing on the intake side are air pilots

no adjustment just screwed in ,,, they must also be clear of debries


like I said, if your running with the choke on the idle adjustment wont be noticable, maybe when you fooled with it it is now too low and dies when you turn off the choke

you say it will run with the choke off and throttle open


either the slide is too low or the idle circuit is pluged

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