frame cracking

just curious to know if anybody has expierenced frame cracking on their yzf's.For the last couple of weeks i noticed a worsening oil wetness around the base of the oil fill port,at first i thought it was just spillage from the oil filler, but carefull inspection last night found a crack at the rear weld on the steering head, forward of the oil filler.anybody expierenced similar problems?(my bike a 99 yzf400)

I have the same problem, but cannot find the crack. I thought it might be a small crack or weld defect around the base of the filler tube because that is the only place I find oil.

Thats what i thought at first, (that it was the filler neck cracked), but as it has got progressivly worse, i can see the crack at the back of the steering head,and the oil is leaking from there down to the base of the filler neck.I'm taking it down to the shop tomorrow and hopefully the can weld it without too much trouble.Suggest you keep an eye on yours, a broken steering head can be awfully painfull at the wrong time!

Mine has been seeping slowely for the past 2 years, but now I will take a better look at the steering stem. I did look at the weld at the filler tube base with a magnifying glass last year and saw nothing. I know it isn't the o-ring inside the dip stick because it is never wet on top of the filler tube.

I have another slow seeping spot. It is the main gasket, on top of the cases, under the carb. It has always done this, and is NOT getting worse. It's such a small amount that I can't justify spliting the cases for it. Anyone else's have that leak I wonder?

As for the steering stem, I'll let you know what I find today.

OK CRISS, I took another look at that area and if there is a crack or weld defect, it is really small because I can't see it. It will have to get much worse before I consider welding it. I will keep checking it and if it gets to that point, you can bet I'll mention it in this forum. Thanks...

yeah, mines leaking at the top of the crankcase gasket under the carb too, but its only minor and like you said not worth splitting the cases for.i dropped my bike off this morning for welding, maybe i'm being a bit paranoid as it is only a small crack, but it keeps bugging me (especially over those 4th gear doubles!).

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