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2015 500RS jetting

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I have owned 4 Ca.plated motorcycles in the past -2 huskys and 2 ktms and they all were very very lean from the factory in fact the 530 ktm was so bad it hardly ran


Holy crap! You got a really new one! I sent you a PM on the District 37 desert racing forum.


Mine is a bit rich according to the Beta manual but runs like a bat out of hell. First thing to do is ditch the charcoal box ant hoses. I'm sure you know how to do that. The Beta run pretty damn good right out of the box. 


I would give Dave at Get Dirty Dirt Bikes a call. He has the JD jet kits in stock. Or re-jet with some extra jets you have laying around. I'm trying to remember. I think mine came with a 178 main from the factory.


A good baseline would be to go with the 498RR race spec


180 main

85 starter

45 pilot

OBDVS needle # 4 position from top


My Tokyo Mods specs are:


182 main 

85 starter

45 pilot

OBD VR needle middle position

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