E-Line Skidplate

Does anyone run one of these on their bike? Is E-Line's $120.00 skidplate worth the money? Will it protect the front frame area (oil reservior)as well as engine cases? I need something for an extended desert trip and want the frame protected....

I am also considering White Brothers Skidplate but it looks pretty massive.... any input would be appreciated (and I already did a search for info....) thx


I am looking for as well. I had a Baja Designs on my DRZ and loved it. But I am not sure about the 426. Let me know what you find out.

By the way,the Baja Designs is $75.

I have an E-line on mine. But as far as your question about covering the oil res., I don't think any of the skid plates go up the frame that far. Mine stops just a little below were the feed hose meets the frame. It comes up on both sides giving good protection for the water pump and ignition cover. The plate fits very tight on and around the frame. And is not real noticeable, very clean looking. I have no complaints with it. As far as the skid plate, I'm getting a E-line skid plate & pipe guard for a KTM SX I maintance. Also, My wifes E-line pipe guard has held up well on her bike. Hope this helped.

Where can I find an E-line and are they that good???

I also have the E-Line skidplate and here are my comments. I noticed the bottom frame rails on my 96 CR250 had deformed (flattened) a bit, so I figured it would be a good investment for the heavier 426, and it has been. This is sold as a carbon fiber (cf) skidplate, but be aware that this is really a Kevlar/cf skidplate. Kevlar is actually stronger than cf (but not as trick looking) and when they combine the two they are even stronger (and bulletproof, so if under enemy fire, pop a wheelie and charge the attacker - lol). The reason I mention this is because you will wonder when you get your skidplate and it's yellow/white on the top side and black on the bottom. It's probably 3/8" thick mostly Kevlar and I think a single layer of carbon fiber on the bottom (wish it had cf top _and_ bottom). You do see the yellow/white on the case wings that extend outward, nothing big, just cosmetic... will look odd compared to any DSP cf you may be running. The finish is good, but the fit is BAD! I needed to use a small round file to move the rearward hole about 3/4" to get it in the proper area. I returned the first skidplate I received, but when the second one showed up this way I knew Kevin Hines' (e-Line owner) mold was off, so I made it fit. I have heard from other TTers who have also had to file to relocate the hole. No big deal, I just would have expected him to have fixed it rather than sell it flawed for the last 4+ years. All in all I would buy another one because of the protection it offers. While the case wings aren't high enough to cover the water hose, I have never incurred damage in this area and I have ridden some gnarly trials areas as well as mx. I would have thought that the wings would have broken off by now, but they are holding up well. The only complaint is that the wings sometimes get in the way of tossing the bike on the stand...but then again I am usually very tired after a good ride. Good proection for your bike, just plan on some fabrication time to get it to fit right. I would also toss in some engine foam to keep mud out. You can still change the oil with the skidplate on.

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