Head gasket

Has anybody ever tried or know if it's possible to run with 2 head gaskets on a yz450f

Why would you do that?

I've got a trickie one, I blew a head gasket, bought a new one put it in and turn the motor over and the piston slightly taps on the head, took the new head gasket out and put the old one back in and it stopped, went to Yamaha and bought another new gasket thinking a genuine one would be better and nope it's tapping again, put both new head gaskets together and it's gold as good again.

Do you have a base gasket installed? Also measure the difference between the old and new head gasket.

You must have a foo foo piston if all else is good. I would sand the piston down if I had to or better replace it. Are you sure it's hitting.

Something is wrong somewhere.  The first thing that comes to mind is that you put the piston in backward and you have the center intake valve running into the high spot between the two exhaust valve clearance cuts.


It's either that, or a piston from the wrong engine (there are 3 distinctly different 95mm YZF pistons), wrong base gasket, etc.

All sorted thanks all for the replies

And the problem was?

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