2000 Yz426f question

Hey everybody, Is there any way to make my 426 any easier to start. It takes me around 10-15 to get this thing started after sitting a day or two. Thanks for any and all help. 

first, be sure you're doing it the right way:






If so, and it's still too hard, you can install an auto decompression cam that uses the same mechanism that the YZ450's all came with.  Then, you don't need to concern yourself with the decomp lever anymore, just run it up on compression and kick it.


The biggest single thing that makes a YZ426 hard to start, outside of taking the wrong approach to it, is if the carb is out of tune.  Getting the idle circuit dialed in is very important.  Also, be sure that when you try starting from dead cold that you are priming the engine with 2-3 twists of the throttle before attempting to start.

Thanks alot! Thats for sure different then what the shop that did my last servicing told me. I just cleaned the carb and everythings set to spec so Ill give that technique a try in the morning. Thanks again. 

Also I have another question. I have a aftermarket oversized tank on my bike. I like how much fuel it holds and all but I cant get to my choke and I cant get it to stay out because the tank pushes it back in. Does anyone know of a solution with keeping the tank? Or is getting a stock tank the only option I have?

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