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Bike wont start after rebuild... No compression?

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Ok so I rebuilt the top end on my ssr 125 sr. Now its worse than before the rebuild.... The reason of the rebuild was because it was smoking alot. 
Now I got it back together and go to kick it over and nothing. No popping sound, no exhaust sound, no nothing.... I cant find top dead center using the kicker... 


i think it has compression because when I turn the flywheel by hand I can feel it hit TDC. I think its a valve timing issue.

Someone please help me!!!

Im really confused and I just want this bike to run again...



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Most of the times the cam gear will have I think 2 notch marks on it at 3:00 & 9:00 O clock.  When piston is a TDC and those notch marks are lined up on the cam gear and then chain put back on everything timing wise should be good.  Ive never done any of this but just recently been researching doing the valve adjustment on my 450. 


Someone correct me if im not right here. 

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