edelbrock pumpercarb for xr600 on a 650xrl?

hi all just wanting some info for installing new carb. will it fit my air box boot? will it have the right needle installed? what needle is recommended? bike has supertrapp, unifilter, no smog, no snorkel. thanx in advance :):D

I don't think the XR600 Edelbrock pumper carb will perfectly fit the 650L without doing some work, but I know Rob Barnum can add the accelerator pump to the Edelbrock XR650L carb so it's not lacking in any way and it will bolt right up. If you buy through him, he'll get you setup perfectly. You can email Rob at rob@barnumspro.com or call him at (760) 868-8097. Rob's also a TT partner and his prices are great :)

thanks for the help I will see what I can find out from him :)

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