switching to 18 inch rim

I'm thinking of having my hub relaced to a 18 inch rim. Has anyone done this? And been able to do it cheep? Also did you have to get any kind of special spokes or did normal 18 inch rim spokes work? One last thing what width did you go with? Thanks in advanced. :)

Yeah, I have a 18-inch rim on mine. I installed it with a gold talon hub with Talon 51-tooth rear sproket and a 14-tooth drive sproket. If you are setting it up for woods, then there could be nothing more perfect. :)

Hey Pat,

I am assuming that you are going to be using a Excel Rim? Then I would recommend the Stainless Steel Bulldog Spokes and Sline Drive Nipples as they are tough and last a long time. But if you are looking for stock replacements I would say that you could get the Buchanan brand which are just as good as the ones for the WR-400F from Yamaha, as they are one in the same.

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