Head soft spot?

It cannot 'go soft'. Who ever is telling you that is clueless.

It cannot 'go soft'. Who ever is telling you that is clueless.

Same for anyone arguing this fact.

hi guys, just want to make 100% sure before i fork out the money to fix my head. is off a wr400 can the cylinder head mating surface get soft from overheating making it unusable?

Soft? No, but it can warp. If in doubt take it to a machine shop and have it checked. Mot too common but it does happen..

okay that a good start, yeah im getting it welded bak up and put back down cause i had some damage on it

I need this settled once and for all, i bought a bike has some damage, took to a cylinder head shop they said aroudn the damage it had gone soft and that if i got it fixed it would keep blowing gaskets. posted on here and a few people said they cannot go soft, so far according to a family friend (mechanic of 25 years) said they can and the owner of the cylinder shop said it can. so my questions im asking the professionals out on this forum can it get soft, weather its from extreme over heating or anything else. p.s the rest of the head is fine.


this is my sons log in. when i used to run lots of nitrous oxide in my drag car i would burn pistons up and they looked very similar. the aluminum will develop porosity small pin holes and very fine cracks after getting to hot making it weak. my guess is high combustion temps leaked from the head gasket  in that thiner area and ruined that portion of the head. if you could grind out the area and weld new material and mill it would be fine.if you just mill the head your taking a chance of it leaking. 

hmm, well it shouldnt be that bad, the rest of the head is fine still, no burning or scorching. so its not like it was over heating to the extent of nitrous..

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