Consensus on Injectioneering

What's the general consensus on Injectioneering? Read a few bad reviews from a few years back and ppl saying he's a thief, also read many many reviews saying great experience dealing with Wade and the mod was awesome. Seems like these days things are good and there's been no issues. I want to get my 13 yz450f modded.

This was supposed to be in general dirt bike discussion, posted from the TT app on my phone I guess I did it wrong

It was probably moved here by a moderator for being a make/model specific question.


Either way, most feedback I've seen is that the mod works very well in making the off-idle throttle more linear.  There was some trouble with delayed delivery early on, but I haven't seen that complaint lately.

Ah that makes sense, although I was more asking about peoples experience with the company and not really about the specific bike!

I will try to make this short. Wade is a nice guy when you talk to him. I did have issues getting my throttle body back in the time frame he said. I do believe he lied to me and told me he shipped it when he didn't. He would not answer my calls for almost a week when he was suppose to get back to me with a tracking number after leaving him lots of messages. When I got threw he claimed he had to have it redirected it went to the wrong place. I did end up getting it the mod is great and does work and I feel was worth the money but he did stress me out and it took about a month instead of two weeks so it's your call I think he stretches himself to thin and probably tells a few lies too keep his business going smoothly. If you'r close to him I wouldn't worry I think he knew I was far away so he could string me along for a while and there wasn't much I could do. So I would say go for it but build in some extra time and expect to maybe have to hound him. The mod is very good except for him jerking me around his mod does what it claims and I think is well worth the money.

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Thanks for the review mtrain. How long ago was this? Pretty recent? I'm pretty far from him I live in Canada

Thanks for the review mtrain. How long ago was this? Pretty recent? I'm pretty far from him I live in Canada

yes it was a few months ago.

With regards to making off idle response more linear,  can't that objective be accomplished with a $50 -$60 throttle tube?    

With regards to making off idle response more linear, can't that objective be accomplished with a $50 -$60 throttle tube? [/quote I'm sure it will make it smother in the higher rpm range. I cant say I have tried the throttle tube but I would bet 100 dollars it won't fix the initial jerky throttle response and that is the issue at least the issue I was trying to fix. I'm sure some one can give you a more technical answer.
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Had Wade perform his magic on my 2012 YZ 450 throttle body last year (2013). The modification worked as advertised and I received my part in the time he quoted. Very happy with the service.


To answer the question about the throttle tube correcting the jerky initial throttle hit, No, the throttle tube (in this case the G2 throttle tamer) did not correct the jerky nature at small throttle openings. The G2 is a very nice piece but it only minimized the jerkiness. I am now back to the stock throttle tube after the Injectioneering mod.

After 1 ride on a variety of terrain I didn't find the jerky hit to be too big of a problem. I might change my mind after some more seat time.

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