2015 wr250f part onto a 2014 yz450f? ?

I was looking at the 15 wr250f the other day and thought wow I'd like a radiator fan on my 14 yz450f!!

Mabe even a 6th gear. ...or a headlight!! I'm sure someone else has thought the same. Fits think I'd want to do is the radiator fan the fan itself doesn't look like it comes with a harness I checked the oem parts diagram and couldn't tell what I'd need.. would I be able to run this off the bike or would I have to put a battery on the bike?? And will they be making the wr450f like they did the 250??




I just ordered the fan, it's a direct plug and play. Go to BajaDesigns and they have plug and play headlights too...

Lol, nevermind that BS. I did see it was for the 250FX, I'm canceling it right now....

I headlight is a go though! I talked to the guys at BD yesterday and it's a pretty straight forward setup...

You would have to wire the fan into the system yourself, but if you pull power from the DC side, it should support it.

I'm hoping since the yz450f is so similar to the 15 wr250f that I can just order the part of the wire harness and just throw it on with little hassle ...wish I had one laying around to disect lol

I'm not too firmiliar with dirtbike electronics. So I would have to wire it into the stator and have some sort of temp swich to activate it when things get warm? Does anyone have a wire diagram ?

Could the stator power a headlight by itself?

Look in your manual, locate the rectifier/regulator, and identify the postive power feed to tthe system from there.  DON'T use power directly from the stator.  It should be the red lead coming from the rectifier, and you'll find red wires tied into that circuit at nearly all of the main electrical components.  Closer to the rectifier the better. 


Then, either a temp switch or a manual switch.

Does your yz450f overheat? Or just preventative

It does in tight trails were I'm working the clutch alot at low speeds it will start to puke coolant

Fans are the most direct way to address the problem, since the problem really is a lack of air over the radiators.  But you can sometimes get by with just going to a 1.6 bar radiator cap.

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