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XR600R Rear Brake Mods

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I had the XR packed to ride sand this weekend but the weather will be too hot (Australia). So I rode today in the hills of Kinglake (single track, hardpack, rocks) where I normally ride the TXC310R. It really showed up the rear brake which I have trouble getting much force standing up (I am 196 cm tall).


The brake is well maintained, has plenty of pressure and EBC pads. It does not have the bite of my TXC310R rear brake which only requires light touch even for my weight (115kgs).


I have had a look for rear brake mods on this forum but cannot find any. 


Who has had this problem and what mods have you done?


Merry Christmas


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hmmmm, which ebc pads? they make 3 types? I believe the one that grabs best, might wear faster. Might try calling EBC? or hopefully someone with more experience, will pipe in. Also is you rotor glazed over? I know the pivot on the frame, near peg, gets worn out & some have installed zerk fitting on, to grease. Try fresh fluid & make sure no air, bleed the system like crazy.

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Your rear brake should easily lock up the rear wheel without much pressure. You should however be using the front brake more than the rear. You get most of your stopping ability from the front. Does your rear brake not lock up the wheel? If not, you got some fixing to do

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HI Guys,

          thanks for the replies.  The rear brake works fine while seated, can be locked up and is not glazed. The disc may actually be getting down to the min thickness which I will need to check.


The problem I have only relates to stand up braking. I would like to get more bite in the early part of the travel as per the TXC310r.


Some options are:

1. Raise the pedal height further which does make braking while seated more cumbersome

2. Try the softest pads I can find

3. Find a more effective brake caliper


Think I try both options 1 & 2. as I suspect I may have got the hardest ebc pads based on the wear rate. Probably a good time to clean the caliper thoroughly as well.


Looking at the part numbers for the existing bracket part number it is also used by XR 250r, 650L but probably no better/different  in terms of caliper. 




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Your rear brake should lock up easier when standing as more of your body weight is now over the front wheel. It sounds like a pedal adjustment issue to me. I would start off by making sure that you have ZERO air in the brake line and then start raising the pedal a tad at a time until you find the right balance between sitting and standing.

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