WR450F cargo rack (2006)

Looking for a rear rack for my 2006 WR450F.

I've searched a little and can't find too much info regarding the differences between these 2. Which are the only 2 I can find for my bike.

Loads will be minimal, under 20lbs. But I want it to double as a good grab handle.

$180 shipped (ouch!)

Looks top notch. 4 points on contact to subframe. (Prefer black but no biggie)



($95 shipped)

But only 3 points of contact to subframe. I'm concerned this would really weaken its ability to be used as a grab handle??

Anyone have this and like it?


I've also ditched the stock fender with top mounted brake light and put a YZ fender on it, I'm a bit concerned either will stick up real high above the lower YZ fender.

Any thoughts or feedback from either?


This is my solution. A wooden plate, and a strap...




I installed the  3 point rack for a trip to Colorado last summer, mounted a 1.75 gallon rotax fuel can to it. After 3 days of riding I noticed the lower mount bolt (which replaces the stock exhaust bolt) had sheared and only the 2 seat mount bolts were holding it on. I don't think this rack is good for anything over 10lbs if you plan on hard riding. I'm currently looking at ways to mod it to improve it's load capacity but I just my spring for the aluminum 4 point rack.





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I have eight WRs with these racks on them.  


As you point out, the PMB rack is nice but quite pricey.   Therefore, that rack is only on one bike, the one I

ride, and the cheaper 3 point rack is on the other bikes.


I find that the 3 point rack is not any less stable than the 4 point PMB rack.   It is easier to secure things to

the PMB rack because of the design of the platform though.


I would not put more than 10 pounds on either rack, and if the trail is going to be very bumpy, consider limiting

the weight to even less.   The constant pounding will not only loosen the rack's mounting bolts but you also risk

damage to your subframe.   The lower bolt holes in the subframe where it mounts to the steel frame will egg out

and then your whole subframe just rattles around like your bike is getting ready to fall apart.


While it is tempting to use the racks as a handle and I think it is a selling point in the sales description for both

models, I would avoid using it as such except when there is no other choice.   The weight of the bike is too much

and pulling on the rack will loosen the bolts.   On our riding tours we are checking the mounting bolts on the racks

daily and usually find about 50% of them have loose bolts.   


Overall, I like both racks and the 3 point rack still gets the job done at half the price.   You just have to realize the

limitations and not ask too much from them.   





Thanks guys!!! I appreciate the input.

Still not sure which option I'll go with though haha.

I'll look at options to keep the subframe secure while in there.

I really won't be loading it with much weight. Many want a grab handle and ability to strap a grocery bag on it when needed.

I like that!! But it's for 07+.

Mines an 06


I like that!! But it's for 07+.

Mines an 06



Yes, your correct.


I didn't see alot of rear rack threads when I was searching, so I added to this one...





Edit: Sample pic installed they sent me...


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Man I wish it would work! That one looks perfect!! Can you snap some pics of your subframe where it mounts? And any other pics where it attaches to the bike?

Wonder if I can modify it to fit :-)

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