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Kxf 250 2007, back firing

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07's are carb...providing you have no air leaks Try turning the fuel screw out a 1/4 turn at a time until no decel pop. If you have to turn it out more than 3 full turns from all the way in. Then you need to re jet. My 07 stopped popping with one 1/4 turn. Now would be good time to buy a long fuel screw so you can easily make this adjustment if your carb doesn't already have one.

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Try adjusting the fuel screw first a 1/4 turn at a time , if that doesnt work then clean the carb especially the pilot circuit and pilot jet, fit a aftermarket fuel screw.


If that still doesnt work then you need to check for air leaks and also check the o ring on the slide plate, as it wears and lets air through.


Depending on the number of hours on the bike it may need a new slide plate or even a new carb.


At 600 hours with the same issues i had to replace the carb as it was worn too much around the slide.        

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