will wr 450 2006 engine fit the 2007 frame?

sup guys..

 I have a 2006 wr 450 (steel frame) awesome machine... but i might be able to get a 2007 (aluminium frame) for quite cheap...  will the 06 engine fit the 07 frame without mods ?   as far as i know there aint much of a difference between those motors as i had a 08 wr couple years ago...  just want to make sure before i spend the money on that frame and sit with it


I believe the engine should swap easy enough however you will need some aluminum frame specific parts such as oil tank, lines, fuel tank, plastics, sub frame air box etc..  If you are looking at an aluminum roller it should be easy.  If it is a bare frame you will need to collect more parts.   In my opinion unless you just want the bling of an aluminum frame or just like the looks of having a newer bike then there is not much upside to the swap.  It is easier to work on a steel frame bike due to clearance around the motor. 


I am only referencing the steel frame vs the first generation aluminum frame. 

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