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LED additional lights: Denali D4 2 x 20 watt

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1.jpgToday I finally got installed additional lights. Two  Denali D4 Hybrid Twisted Throttle United States. They cost $ 310 plus tax and shipping, so quite cheap they are not. But with a sterling quality, 700 grams heavy pr. Units and classified as IP68. Not E-approved.
Original headlights only have a 35/35 watt bulb HS1, so it is hopelessly bad on wet dark autumn roads. The choice fell on led light, since these lights very well in relation to the consumption. But even that does not help when my WR450F has shared power pole on a total of 130 watts, but only 25 watts of DC (charging) - and around 80 watts AC (headlights). Led require DC, and I will not rebuild the electrical system. The lamps were mounted on brackets for indicators lights front, so now I must find a nap location for these. Possibly something cool I can mount on hand guards ..?
 So although my led light only draws 40 watts total from the battery, so it will drain this by continuous use. However, the roads here in Skien mostly good lit, so there is no problem.
I got tested extra lights tonight on the way to Siljan and can affirm that they lit insanely good! I have also pointed out the lights so far down that I do not dazzle cars too much - and therefore do not have to turn the whole of. This is crucial, for it is a rainy and dark autumn day, so is the original light to drive blindfolded. LED lights are highly recommended.




Translated copy from my blog; http://yamahawr450f2009.blogspot.no/

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