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New to me 07 DRZ400S

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Hey all, 


 I've just purchased a 2007 DRZ400S with a whopping 48000Km on the odometer.  She needs some TLC, but as this bike will be providing me with my first ever experience offroad I really could care less about any cosmetic damage.  My main concern is getting the bike cleaned up and ready for an out of province (Safety) inspection so that i can get it registered and then making sure it's mechanically sound (more than likely needs a valve job).


Current mods:


Dynojet Stage 1

FMF Powerbomb header

Stock exhaust hack job

Polisport headlight

UFO tailights/fender

Moose racing handlebar


Things I've done so far:

Replaced battery and starter relay;

Cleaned plastics and removed decals;

Ordered Trail Tech Vapor to replace the speedometer;


Things I need to work on for inspection:

Need to find a stock exhaust;

Go back to stock MJ

Needs new front signals lights;

Need DOT approved rear lights

Needs new mirrors

New clutch cable

New levers

slap on the stock tires....


Eventual plans:

Safari 17L tank


New Tires




Cheers and Merry Christmas/Happy Hannukah or holidays....


Here are some photos from when I first go it:









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I am in Ontario and used to do all the inspections for the local bike shops...The bike shops could not do them because they were not licenced motor vehicle inspection stations.....So you might have to get a auto mechanic to do it.


The way we used to work it was they would do any of the obvious item and then bring it to me .....I would do the  check and then give a list of anything else that had to be done....They would take the bike and do the work....when they would bring it back, all I had to check were the items on the list.


You don't need a stock exhaust....it just has to be secure, not leak and not loud.


What province did you buy it in and was it licensed for road?

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Bike was last registered for street use in the Yukon.  In AB, all out of province vehicles need to be inspected by a AB Govt authorized shop.  When I spoke to my local Suzuki dealer, who does OoPs, they said the bike needs to be pretty much stock, which made me laugh.  Anyways, parts guy at the same dealership told me to not have an OoP done at a Suzuki dealership as they know what to look for.  I'm gonna do my best to make the bike look stock without spending too much money and talk to some contacts in the local community about inspections.




I know.  Bike currently has Kendas on it, but they're shot.  Throwing the stockers on just for the inspection and until I get new tires in the spring. 




Thanks, but I can probably source some locally for less than the shipping cost from Cali.

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