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Another Knocking TTR 125

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2001 TTR with fairly low hours on it. 


It developed this knocking sound recently.  Valves are in adjustment, and the cam chain tensioner seems to be working properly. 


It is a bit hard to start, but kicks over very easily.  Honestly, my other son's XR 100R is "stiffer" to kick over.  


Here is a video of the sound.  I suspect that it may be a rod knock of some sort, but do not want to split the cases if I do not have to.  BTW, it seems to rattle the same regardless of type of fuel used.  It's currently running fresh race gas and still rattles.  


Thanks for the help


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Get a mechanics stephoscope or use a screwdriver to your ear to pin point the area the sound is coming from.

From the bottom. Likely its the big end rod bearing. From to cylinder: The small end rod bearing, a valve is tapping the piston or you have piston slap. From the top: your valves are not correctly adjusted or your cam chain is is loose. What have you done to change things that may be a contributing cause? Nothing = motor wear.




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