10 450f Only three gears after a case swap

Hi all. New guy here. Some of you may know me from other forums. I did my diligence and searchEd for my problem. Either I stink at searching or I have a new issue to ask on.

I got a 10 450f which the chain had broke and damaged the clutch push lever shaft part of the left case. I have spent the past month swapping the crank case and waiting for Yamaha to send parts.

I finally finished assembly of the engine today. There is no gear down from neutral. The shift lever goes down but there is nothing there. I have only three gears up. I am hoping it is something with the segment and I don't have to split the cases again.

Has anyone had this happen to them?


Yes, you will have to split the cases again.

Closely inspect the exloded diagram of parts to see what is missing.

Ouch. Thanks. I feared it was those dreaded shift forks. The diagram in the service manual is upside down and reversed. Very hard to follow.

Sorry for posting in the incorrect model specific forum.

you should be able (with everything in one case half, usually the right) to shift through all the gears to ensure you don't have any more nasty surprises...

I have been advised to use the right side when assembling as well. That matches up better with the visual in the manual. I was understanding things only went together one way. I guess that isn't necessarily the case. Pun not intended. I didn't force anything. Things just slid together.


As for the right side, I do find it challenging because the crank needs to be pulled through the left side. This causes me concern on joining the case halves when reassembling. If I drop the crank in the right side, assemble the tranny in the right side, set the left on top and pull it through with the puller, I fear if something isn't lined up just right it will bend under for force of the puller. I like the feeling of things sliding together and fitting into place. 


What I did when I assembled this the first time is set the transmission in the right side without the crank installed. I then brought the case halves together to move the assembled transmission to the left side. Then while making sure the transmission didn't move I pulled the crank through. Then I Yamabonded the now empty right side and slid it into place. That way I could make sure everything fit smoothly and noting bent. 


I guess I'll be real good at splitting cases by the time I'm done. Should make replacing shift forks on the SV racebike much easier. 


Thanks all!

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