WR450 Rear Break Master on a WR400

Just asking if anyone has swapped out master cylinders between a WR450F and a WR400F? That plastic reservoir has to go. Also open to any other suggestions besides buy a new bike.  I love my 400.



I just swapped the older plastic reservoir style on a wr426 with a newer one off a 450. Works great... Not sure how similar the 400 and 426 are.

The swap works nicely.  We did the same thing with an '02 YZ250F that had the old style with the remote reservoir.  The only downside was that the lug that mounted the original reservoir needed to be cut off for clearance, and the reservoir cap on the newer one (from an '04) couldn't be removed unless you loosened the bottom bolt and removed the top one, so as to tip it slightly back.  The cap sits right up against the square tubing of the sub frame.  But all that's little stuff.  It makes a nice upgrade.

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