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1981 CR250 front shock seals

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I have a 1981 CR250 that's been in storage for several years.  Over the past year, I decided to pull it out and get it up and running again.



I started by taking it all apart and cleaning it up.  Change the oil, new plug, flush radiator, clean carb, new air cleaner, new tires & tubes, etc.  Pretty much a once over tune up.  I took it out with a friend hoping it would run and it ran surprisingly great!  Did about 3 hrs and 40+ miles.  Really had a lot of fun!  I did that ride a few more times following.



One thing I noticed was bogging down a little just past ¼ throttle.  Learned about jets so took a look at what I had.  Sure enough, pretty much sea level settings and I’m riding around 6500 to 9500 ft elevation.  Got the correct jet, adjusted air screw and moved the “clip” to the #1 position.  Running a LOT better now!



Decided to try a track last weekend instead of forest trails.  Had a blast jumping around and really moving the bike around!  When we got home, saw oil coming down the front forks.  Think the jumping probably did it….however, the fork oil is original and I did not change that during my tune up.



Well, obviously I got a leak and I guess it would be the seals…but don’t know for sure.  I have a manual so that does help but don’t know if this is something that I can fix or need to go to the Dealer.



Any help or recommendations?  Manual talks about a special tool but don’t know if I need to go that deep to fix it.



I did bottom out on a few jumps (front and back) so I obviously need to get both ends tuned up better.




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a 81 still has the conventional forks, so the seals are really easy to change.


remove the forks from the bike, remove the top covers (should have a bit of spring tension), drain the old oil out.

you can replace the cap at this point.


pry the dust seal out, then the retainer clip and oil seal.


if you have a air compressor you can use it to get the oil seal out, use the air fitting on the cap.


once you have the seals out give the tubes a good cleaning.


re install the new oil seals making sure they are in the correct way, you can use the old oil seal to help seat the new one.. put the old one on top and you can use a screwdriver to tap it into place.


re install the retainer clip then the dust seal.


remove cap and put in the correct amount of oil..replace the cap, put forks back on...


done :ride:

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Awesome, thanks!  I was hoping I wouldn't have to get all the way into it if I didn't have to.  Because I was bottoming out when landing from a jump, does that just mean old old, not enough air pressure in the fork, or a combination of both?  I already bought the 10W fork oil so good to go.  Just need seals and (dust caps??)


Can I also service the rear shock oil?

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its possible the low air pressure and the leaking seals caused it to bottom out, also its a good chance the springs are the wrong ones for your weight.


and yes you just need the seals and dust cap, if i remember right the forks take about 7psi.


the rear shock is a whole different beast that is not easily rebuilt by the average person, they need nitrogen recharges and the kit is pretty expensive.



you may be able to repair the rear shock and take it to get re charged, but usually its easier to just get a suspension guy to do it.

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