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i have a 2011 ktm 300 xcw that has a stock headlight and i and 5 others have signed up for a 24 hr race, i will be doing a 2hr ride during the night time and i need to upgrade my lights.


i have looked into headlight upgrade kits for my stock light, new lights, helmet lights...


so far i am ready to pull the trigger on the task racing helmet light "as advertised by the Laffertys and Steward Baylor"

i can get this light for $100 http://www.taskracing.com/


i have a tight budget so baja designs is out of the option


i have also looked into making my own head light and wiring it up to my stock harness like this guy did  but i need to know what my ktm stock stator can handle 15w i think would be fine

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Had some magicShine lights , got a $10 regulator off ebay keeps voltage around 9.5 and runs both lights, never even gets warm.

The regulator is small, about 1" by 3/4" and 3/8" deep . I have it epoxy'd to the back of the number plate.

I taped a piece of rubber hose on the barkbusters and the lights stay put regardless of rocky, jarring terrain.

The old magicShine 808 (above #3) makes about twice the light as the $25 "knockoff" one on the right.



Regulator , CPT model c120902 , ebay link http://www.ebay.com/itm/-/151258287934  

The spec on this regulator says 2 amp , but it ran both lights 20 mins on the bench with no temp change

so I mounted it up. Both lights should be around 3-4 amps combined so i donno ...it works til I get a 5 amp



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