hooking up a brake light on a 02 426

i have an 02 wr426 and i would like to have a brake light i bought an hydrolic brake light switch and im not sure if itll work i need to know what the unused 3rd wire off the tail light is for please help thanks

It will work just fine. Hook one side of the switch to the extra wire coming from the taillight(I forget the color). The other switch wire is attached to a source of 12 volts. You have a couple of choices here. You can hook it to the blue wire going to the taillight however the brakelight will only work the headlight is on. The other method is to connect it to the yellow wire in the headlight switch harness. This is a source of 12 volts anytime the engine is running. This method will give you a brakelight anytime the engine is running.

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