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KX125F clutch springs

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I have a KX125F here (perhaps 1988 frame and engine with 1989 front - see https://thumpertalk.com/topic/1116116-kx125f-year-identification/for details). Pulled the clutch apart due to some difficulties with it's operation. Measured the clutch springs free length and found them to be around 33mm.


I have a Kawasaki repair manual here that advises the standard length is 39.4mm and Service Limit is 37.9mm.


The local Kawasaki dealer advises that new springs are no longer available.


A bit of Googling and I have found a part number of 92081-1078 - anyone able to confirm if this is the correct part number?

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Is there an aftermarket brand that makes them?

EBC list CSK006 for KX 125 F1 and G1 models (88 - 89) < http://ebcbrakes.com/Assets/ecatalogues/2014-EBC-intl-mc-cat/2014-EBC-intl-mc-cat.html#p=682>.


Wiseco lists CSK042 ( http://www.wiseco.com/ProductSearch.aspx). Of note is that Wiseco also sell a CSK006 part number which can get confusing with the EBC...


Moose Racing doesn't list anything for 1988 ( http://www.mooseracing.com/search/?yr=1988&mk=15&md=1651&docType=productGroup&ci=57&format=json&q=&offset=0&rows=24) or 1989 ( http://www.mooseracing.com/search/?ci=57&mk[0]=15&md[0]=1651&docType=productGroup&yr[0]=1989&format=json&q=&offset=48&rows=24 ).


Is there any other aftermarket brands to check?

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