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Stay tuned for a snowy ride report....

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Look pretty long, hope they don't chew up your mud flap or swing arm.

I'm going to try it out around the house first. I have the bolt cutters ready, but the rear looks to have plenty of clearance. The front might snag the fork boots under heavy flex. I'm gonna move the muffler out a tad to keep that from getting shredded under full compression. I'll report back...

They might be too long and flex too much, but I figured it would be better to start long and cut them down than wish I would have gone longer in the first place.

Just pushing it around, they are slippery as snot on pavement!

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I had a few minutes to test this out around the house, and it was pretty awesome. We had about 4" of fresh stuff on unfrozen ground. The snow was sticky and would turn the tire into a rolling snowman if I didn't keep my speed up - to the point that it locked my rear tire up once. Keep'er in at least second gear and they rip! I have a short climb below our house that is around an 8/10 in difficulty and it walked right up. The front spikes are probably a little too long; they feel a little unstable. Plus, they bottomed out against my fender at the bottom of a steep downhill with the extra weight of both my kids on with me. :D

I'll post more as I test more...

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