Desert Racing the WR450

Any desert racers out there? I'm taking my WR out for my first desert race (or any race for that matter) next weekend. It's a hare scramble with two 30 mile loops. The bike is jetted, the suspension is adjusted, I've installed all the protective gear. Any advice or insight? What should I carry in my backpack? Anything else I'm missing?




This may be useful...

Have fun!!

I think one of the most important things for you to remember is that it is supposed to be fun. So go out and have fun and ride smart. Don't get caught up riding like you trying to kiss the trophy girl your first time out...the speed will come the more comfortable you get. As far as the back pack goes, I try to keep it simple. 8, 10 & 12 end wrenches & sockets, 4 way screw driver, plyers, dikes, crescent wrench, zip ties, safety wire and cluth and brake levers.

Good luck,


Thanks for the replies. I'm not planning on placing, just making it through in one piece. And maybe have some fun. :)


I ran mine in a desert race this past fall. That's when I learned that my springs were too soft. My buddy and I came in first place in the over 40 category! It was fun. Now I just need to get over my separated shoulder injury from my ride on 2 January.

Water! Have fun and save some energy for that second loop!

Also If you enjoy the race and plan on Dez racing more often join a club. Clubs look out for eachother and are the life blood of the sport. Well at least here in D-37. Where is the race at?

Forgot one thing. Get a stabilizer they are like water in the Dez.

The race is at the Valley of Fire, about an hour outside of Vegas. It's a local club race. Hoping to meet some potential riding partners.

As far as the stabilizer goes, it is on the list of upgrades. I'm planning on buying the Scotts clamp + bar + stabilizer combo. Have to save up a couple weeks (or find a friendly video poker machine).

Thanks again for all the great advice!


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