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Removing Inner clutch cover 250 SX-F

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I've been looking and cant find out what im missing. I need to replace the inner clutch cover gasket and cant get the inner clutch cover off. 


Ive removed all of the bolts

removed the outter clutch cover

removed the water pump cover and impeller


everything comes loose except for the area around the water pump.


Any help is appreciated. 


Pic attached


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Thanks for the reply. Impeller was already removed, pic is just a bit zoomed out. See attached, not sure what is causing it to hang up. I am giving it a good tug but feels like im going to break it... Cant get it to release...first time pulling off the cover. Is there a certain trick? 


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Just to update incase anyone else has same problem. After looking everywhere I conformed all that is needed is to remove bolts and impeller on water pump. The water pump bearing was making a tight fit on the inner clutch Cover so I had to hold it in place with a socket and the hit the case with a rubber mallet. Finally got it off but was a bit scared to hit the case so hard.

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