modded 400 vs. the new 450's?

Just curious guys, a 99 wr400 with full fmf system and hot cams, how would this face up to the new 450's? i usedd to have (regret selling) a 99 wr400 with a 04yz450 exhaust shortened and hot cams, and this thing ripped up and sounded amazing. had almost the same power as my mates 2010 kx450 with full akrapovic system ( kinda needed a rebuild not not too bad) is had 16/48 gearing and i went 140kph in 4th gear. just wondering the hp the new wrs have and how the old ones done up face up to them

 My old 400 (if curious)



The original 400's were just the same as the YZ, and were very fast....but handled not so hot, with terrible suspension.

i feel like something was done to the suspension on my old one, was a bit soft as i am around 90 kgs, but besides ebing soft handled quite nice, didnt change anything on it except added barkies, honestly wish i never sold that bike, ended up back on one but without the mods. plan the get hot cams for auto decomp but besides that will probably leave it.

my current (again if curious)


I had a modded 2005 WR450F, and now I have the 2012 WR450F.  The 12 is 2 times the bike.  I am sure your old 400 was a shredder, but the 2012+ bikes are unreal.  Should exceed your expectations once you add comp ECU and the other mods listed on this forum.  You won't be disappointed if you choose one.

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