Muffler Packing

I know for a fact my pipe needs repacking. What works good?

Thanks in advance.

Stainless steel wool-you can order it in a roll from

Which grade (fine, med, coarse) do you order from McMaster-Carr? It's pretty obvious that you order the 1 or 5lb. "rolls". As far as installation, do you have to break the pop rivets out of the silencer to perform the wool installation or is there an easier method?

Yes you have to drill out the rivets. Use a bit a little bigger than the hole you see from the outside. Instead of riveting the cap back on I ended up tapping the holes in the end cap and putting stainless steel button head allen bolts in it. It looks very good and next time I just remove the bolts. I believe motoman393 did the same thing. I used 1/4"-28 3/8" long 18-8 SS bolts that I found at McMaster Carr, since I couldn't find them locally. They worked perfectly. Don't forget to use some high temp silicone to seal the cap.

By the way McMaster Carr is an excellent place to find stuff like this and they ship out the same day and don't overcharge for shipping for small items. I highly recommend them.

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