WR450F Query

Since putting an FMF Powercore muffler on the bike, it has become hard to start and backfires slightly. Is this normal or do I need to change the powertune to correct it? If so, what is recommended to change it to?

Couple of questions:


1.) Did you remove the air intake snorkle yet?

2.) Did you install the race ECU module?

Assuming it is a FI (2012 and up) model, did you swap out the ECU and is your idle at 2000+/- ? Search for CO settings or starting problems/issues. Many here bumped up CO settings. I'm at 10 with the powercore and that fixed the extremely annoying starting situation. Good luck.


1) No we didn't remove the snorkel

2) Are they parts of the off road kit for the WRs?


Thank you heaps, I'll keep you's posted :) thank you to you both

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Remove the snorkle.  Then if you have the programmable ECU, have it programmed or buyt the power tuner to program it.  It's going to be extremely lean otherwise.

It will still be lean at idle unless you get your hands on a FI diagnostic Tool and change the A/F mix.

I think we can do that with the power tune, we're addressing it as we speak, we'll keep you guys posted :D

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